Less theory, more practice…

I get a lot of great ideas. I suppose it’s the creative part of me that is constantly looking for an outlet. I have ideas about how to get more organized, how to eat better, how to get more sleep, how to end world hunger…you get the idea. The challenge is, I can’t possibly implement all of those ideas, no matter how wonderful they are. So as 2017 begins, I have adopted the phrase, “Less theory, more practice,” as my guide. If I practiced the great ideas I already have, I’d be occupied for the entire year. An idea is a theory. It does no good unless it becomes practice. Practice is the true test of whether an idea is actually great or terrible. An example of this is when as a kid, I thought it would be a hilarious idea to throw my neighbor’s slippers on their roof. When the idea was carried out (the practice), I quickly found out how bad an idea it was, and I had several weeks in my room to think about it.

Where this gets serious is when I keep my relationship with God as an idea, and not a practice. I can dream up many ideas about how to set up the perfect quiet time. There is no end to the list of great books I can read on getting closer to the Lord. But an idea of a relationship is not a relationship. Unless I get alone and quiet, focusing on the Lord, there is no practice and I am no closer to Him. If I never learned even one new thing this year about Jesus but put what I know into practice, my life would be radically changed. 

So how about you?  What do you want to move from theory into practice?

  • a deeper intimacy with Jesus
  • a real commitment to a healthy mind, body, and spirit
  • putting my family higher on the priority list

I have all of these in mind for 2017. Let’s encourage one another this year to be people of action, and not merely good ideas.

Grace and peace,