It was only water…

I had such an amazing time at the Hawaiian Island Ministries (HIM) Conference in March. Everyone was so welcoming and open to the idea of Christ-centered yoga. The positive response to my seminar was overwhelming. Thank you to all of you who came out to support Prayerful Breath Yoga’s debut into the larger Christian community.

Ever since that event, I have been pondering what it was exactly that made such a difference in people’s lives that weekend. I keep feeling that I really didn’t do anything that spectacular. And yet it boggles my mind how something so simple can make a profound impact.  My conclusion is that it really isn’t anything that I did in myself, but the faithfulness of God to come and turn my meager efforts into something He used in peoples lives.

I immediately thought of the story in the gospel of John, chapter 2, where Jesus attends a wedding.  A huge social faux pas has happened;  they have run out of wine.  Mary, Jesus’ mother, steps in and in typical Jewish-mother fashion, urges Jesus to do something about it.  Jesus instructs the servants to fill six, large capacity jars with water.  They obey, and then Jesus instructs them to draw some water out and bring it to the master of the banquet.  I’ve always wished the gospel writer would have included the conversation those servants must have had among themselves.  They must have wondered what the master was going to say when he was served water instead of wine.  Would they incur his anger?  To their surprise, by the time it reaches the master, the water has turned into the best wine the master has ever tasted.  A miracle happened and only Jesus, Mary, the servants and the disciples knew.  One minute it was water, the next it was wine.

I totally identify with those servants.  When preparing for the conference, I did my best to obey Jesus’ instruction to fill my jars with water.  I didn’t know what to expect.  Whenever I’ve attended a HIM conference, I’ve always been served “wine” and not “water.”  I wanted to bring an offering that was in keeping with the excellence of this conference.  All I had was water…  But Jesus was at this conference, and He took my offering and turned it into something that was a blessing to those who shared in it.

And now, ever since that weekend, I see this water-to-wine miracle happening again and again.  The lesson for me is that my job is not to bring the best wine ever.  My job is to obey the Lord and bring the water.  Jesus is the one who takes my simple offering and turns it into something that brings life and joy.

What an honor to be among the servants who know that a miracle has taken place.  There’s no other role I’d rather have.