If you are looking for…

  • Christ-centered yoga
  • strengthening and healing for your body
  • reconnection with God
  • refreshment for your spirit

…Prayerful Breath Yoga is the place for you.  When you walk through our door, you will find a safe haven to explore the deep things of God that make you come alive; the joy of God’s presence, peace, grace, hope and a reconnection with your body as God made it.  I look forward to meeting you!

Grace and Peace,

Karelin James

 Let me introduce myself…

I’m Karelin James.   I discovered yoga on a whim but fell in love immediately and have never looked back.  My eyes were opened to the connection of my physical body and my Christ-centered, spiritual foundation.   Linking movement and breath while focusing on the Lord’s presence is my heart’s passion.   I knew I wanted to share what I found with others, so I attended Hawaii Yoga Institute for my 200-hour yoga teacher training.  For me, yoga has brought together all the great loves of my life: my love of God, worship, movement, community, teaching and healthy living.  It would be an honor to guide you in your practice.

My passion statement:

We are created to know the fullness of God. We come to that by intimacy with Jesus. Coming away from the noise of the world into His presence, we come into joy. We find our true self. We find peace in the kingdom of the Prince of Peace. Striving ceases. We encounter real love. From that place, we overflow to those around us. We live as ambassadors of this kingdom of grace.

Learn more about my yoga here.

The Studio

Prayerful Breath Yoga wants to be your sacred space for Christ-centered yoga. We believe that yoga-style movement is a perfect vehicle for whole-body worship. Although yoga itself is not a religion, we bring our faith with us to the mat.  We focus our meditation on scripture and the presence of the God of Israel.  Jesus said, “where two or three gather together as my followers, I am there among them.” (Matt. 18:20)

Statement of Spiritual Belief

At Prayerful Breath, we believe we were created to connect with God, and God longs for us to know him.  In the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve began in harmony, but sin entered the world and separated us from God.  As part of a deep inner longing, people over the centuries, have tried on their own strength to reconnect with God.

God, in his mercy, made a way for us to reconnect with Him.  Through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, sin was forgiven and death was conquered, thus restoring our relationship with God the Father, and making a way to eternal life.  In addition, in Christ, we are promised  a special relationship with God by the indwelling of His Holy Spirit.  Through the cleansing of His forgiveness, our bodies become suitable to house His Spirit.

We can enter into this relationship with God by faith in His one and only son. Although we acknowledge many of the noble and disciplined lifestyles of many religions, we believe Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life, and no man comes into reconciliation with God, but through Him.  We believe He alone is the way to eternal life.

Christ-Centered, Moving Meditation